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We bring Naples to your kitchen!

The PizzaVas story

I've been interested in cooking since I was very little. I was especially interested in finding the boundaries of what I was able to create in our little domestic kitchen. I have already made cheese at the age of 15, sourdough, handmade strudel and even brewed beer before, but in the last decade I have been unable to create real Neapolitan style pizza. My pizza still tasted like yeast and was very dry but then I stumbled upon the YouTube videos of Tested and Alex where they talked about the same issues I had about baking pizza at home. This is where I first heard about the idea of baking pizza on steel. 

I became incredibly excited, so I immediately wanted to create my own. Unfortunately I couldn't find any o anywhere, so I contacted a steel production company, making parts for Porsche and Volvo and I asked them to cut me one. For choosing the perfect material, I consulted my grandma who has a diploma in steel and welding technology. We closed out stainless steel and cast iron for their weak heat conductive properties and we ended up choosing A36 carbon steel which seemed to have the most optimal properties for baking pizza at home.

I have immediately tried the finished steel plate and I felt the same sensation when I first managed to bake perfect bread or brew my first tasty beer. My pizza ended up crispy in the outside and soft and moist in the inside. I then decided that I am not keeping this sensation to myself and that's how PizzaVas was born. In the following week we have asked for further offers, created a website with my girlfriend in Marketing and drew a logo with my designer cousin. PizzaVas was born and it is now available to you to experience what it feels like to make perfect pizza at home.

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